We are the International Dyslexia Coalition (IDC).  We are parents and students  educators, elected officials, social entrepreneurs, leaders in our community – dyslexics and advocates uniting to make a difference. We are change agents, creating localized advocacy campaigns focused on school communities and the moral imperative of transforming the world of Dyslexia discrimination into a world of Dyslexia acceptance, recognition, and dignity.

– We stand for equal educational access, rights, and opportunities.

– We serve the marginalized individuals, families and educators who have no voice

– We advise and train parents and educators with effective tools to help students

– We work with ALL organizations to make change on the local, state and national level

Our first initiative is to identify and address Dyslexia in schools across the United State’s. There is a common crisis in different states, we are working together to serve families and underserved communities. We are different and we are going to be successful.

Different Together, Learning better.