Illiteracy Inc: Divided States of Dyslexia

Divided States of Dyslexia follows the heart breaking journeys of several parents and students navigating politically and legally protected schools; how curriculum casualties and social emotional repercussions have a deep, negative impact on the lives of individuals and generations of families who are denied access to better methods and strategies of 21 Century learning.

Why do families face overwhelming states of disillusionment, distress and despair? Could it all be caused by the special interests predicament and disinformation of most schools? While some states have similar guidelines, schools in general are not held accountable and no single overarching law governs how literacy is taught or illiteracy is handled. As a result, 50 different interpretations of how struggling students should be taught and nurtured. DSD shines a light on those in the shadows and the national efforts of the few brave leaders working to change attitudes and legislation around Dyslexia before the dysfunctional system destroys more lives and costs more billions of mismanaged dollars.

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