Illiteracy Inc: Identifying Dyslexia

The films social media Outreach, exposes what results when one-third of the school age population remains unidentified, unaddressed and inappropriately tested and marginalized in school. The film uses cross platform participatory and interactive tools designed to engage the majority of the worlds school communities that continue to deflect and misjudge signs of illiteracy and dyslexia in school – mislabeling difficulties with reading and processing as anxiety, ADHD and behavior problems. The film provides a catalyst and platform for a conversation with parents and schools, students and teachers, to inspire grass roots efforts to provide access to Education.

From painful despair of families and individuals to the shameful secrets of Institutions and Administrators, School Stories:DSD is addresses the cornerstone of a systemic societal problem and articulates the new civil right movement of our time – Education reform – revealing solutions of clarity and hope.

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