What is School Stories?

School Stories is the first social impact mobile first multi-media campaign to spotlight 21st Century education by spreading Dyslexia awareness and providing a platform for frustrated students and silenced adults to give voice and urgency to a hidden systemic crisis.

Kicking off the first stage of the campaign PSA media clips from the new doc social impact series School Stories Illiteracy Inc – identifying Dyslexia.

All participant of all ages are encouraged to create and share a 10 to 60 second school stories – content must be revealing, inspiring or moving. Register before uploading to YouTube or Vimeo and submitting by e-mail.

The top 5 winners will win a media award, publicity and and an on-line mentor time with a Film Industry collaborator; 1 to 5 will be developed and posted in Hollywood and submitted to film festivals. SHOUT Identify Dyslexia in schools!!  where administrators discourage even mentioning our most common learning difference.

Personal accounts or any artistic expression of the the school experience – surviving to thriving, hitting walls and breaking though. Stories, testimonies, and personal accounts not only unite us in a common human experience but inspire our beliefs and impact our lives.