About Us & Our Mission


Identifying Dyslexia (a 501c3 organization) is committed to increasing awareness, empowerment, and achievement among those with dyslexia and related processing issues.



Identifying Dyslexia is a media and awareness organization. From dyslexic students to families, educators, activists, mentors, innovators, and entrepreneurs, we are united by our school stories of achievement and failure alike—of being different together and learning better.



Empower Differences: We are bringing equality and social justice to the conversation, changing how dyslexia is recognized and addressed.

Spread Awareness: We stand with students, parents, and educators in fighting to improve our perceptions of, and educational responses to, dyslexia and related processing issues.

Support Communication: We are building a community of resources and support for all students struggling under standardized education.

Energize Communities: We connect individuals and school communities through an immersive multimedia hub integrating social impact media, online tools, and grassroots campaigns.



We are shifting false mindsets, transforming the world’s understanding of dyslexia by revealing the true nature and experience of being dyslexic.

Our approach is rooted in experience-based awareness: personal testimonies, online guidance, and digital toolkits. Our video library, screening tool, and mobile mentors program make dyslexia awareness more accessible than ever.

Identifying Dyslexia (a 501c3 organization) believes in the rights of children and in equal educational opportunities. The refusal to recognize dyslexia in school only fuels illiteracy and dropout rates, as well as a widening achievement gap. Our resources help students and their families overcome not dyslexia, but an educational system that marginalizes it.

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