Ill-literacy – Anxious, Stupid, Fail

Dyslexia is the world’s most common learning difference, affecting roughly one in five people. With the right instruction and support, dyslexic learners can thrive.

But what if dyslexia is not identified?

Part of the School Stories canon, the short film Ill-literacy: Anxious, Stupid, Fail shows what it’s like when dyslexic students remain unidentified, unaddressed, and marginalized in school.

Featuring cross-platform participatory and interactive tools designed to engage the global school community, the film shows how the majority of schools deflect and misjudge signs of illiteracy and dyslexia in school, mistaking difficulties with reading and processing as anxiety, ADHD, and behavioral problems.

The film provides a catalyst and a platform for conversations between families and schools, inspiring grassroots efforts for equal education.

From the painful despair of families and individuals to the shameful secrets of institutions and administrators, Ill-literacy: Anxious, Stupid, Fail addresses a systemic societal problem and shows signs of hope in educational reform.

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