What is School Stories?

School Stories is a multimedia campaign highlighting dyslexia in the educational system: how it’s ignored, how it’s misidentified, and how students are suffering the consequences.

The campaign consists of the short film Ill-literacy: Anxious, Stupid, Fail and a trilogy of documentaries. Ill-literacy: The Divided States of Dyslexia is the first in the series, uncovering how the refusal to identify dyslexia is behind rising illiteracy rates in the United States. The film’s development has also inspired a tie-in video assessment tool to help identify dyslexia.

Two more films are currently in pre-production: Med-ucation Inc. focuses on widespread misdiagnoses and medication of dyslexic students, while Incarceration Inc. details the school-to-prison pipeline affecting students who struggle within an outdated educational system.

Together with strategic partners, School Stories is making strides not only in giving voice to our most vulnerable students and their parents, but also in awakening widespread acceptance of dyslexia, energizing what some professors are calling the “next civil rights movement of our time.”

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