LB 1052: Healthy Learning Environment


We all know what it feels like to experience failure. Unfortunately, failures are not always our own. For the many people affected by dyslexia, failure isn’t found in them, but in the educational system.

Individuals with dyslexia struggle to pair letters written on a page with sounds they make and combinations they form. This creates difficulties for them in reading and writing. People diagnosed with this disorder, however, are not any less intelligent than their peers. In fact, many individuals who have dyslexia are often extremely logical and quick thinkers.

Dyslexia impacts many people, especially students. Ten to 15 percent of people in the U.S. have dyslexia, but only one in 20 people with dyslexia receive help. Unsurprisingly, the disorder has a rather large effect on students in particular. One in five students experiences a learning disability involving language. As society becomes more educationally advanced, it has become difficult to find ways to assist these individuals in their educational journeys.

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