No Summer Break for Students with Dyslexia


In less than a month, it will be back-to-school time, and already parents of dyslexic students are panicking, worried about what lies ahead for the next school year — even as they’ve done schoolwork with their children all summer long. As the mother of a grown son with dyslexia, I remember the anxiety that never takes a vacation. Not for 13 years, from kindergarten until high school graduation.

It’s not just the worry about whether your bright child will ever learn to read, write and spell; it’s also the exhaustion from becoming an informed and effective educational advocate in the face of much institutional resistance, the financial stress of hiring private tutors to do the work that should have happened in the classroom, and the emotional toll all of this disruption takes on our children, our families and our on-the-job performance — the time lost forever.

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